Money Mad Monkey: Take Part in a Great Robbery and Get Rich!

How should the robbery of the century be planned? Think it requires a long and careful preparation? Well, it all about your companions! Microgaming offers you a very lucrative slot in which crazy monkeys will accompany you in your dark endeavors. Although they may seem clumsy at first glance, they are very agile and cunning! Don’t be greedy; get the monkeys’ help and share the stolen treasures with them. After all, who ever will suspect them?!
Look at the evening metropolis: the sun is hiding behind the tops of skyscrapers, the last employees have just left the bank, the guards fall asleep. It’s high time to start your dark business! Premium graphics and appropriate music will give you a lot of unforgettable memories of an online robbery. Take a closer look at packs of dollars (the Scatter) and bananas (the Wild) as these are the most rewarding symbols!